When I’ve caught the annual first cold of the semester

my immune system is just like:

When I’m Heading to Hesburgh for the first study sesh of the semester

My brains like

When I have a sinus infection

When I am choosing a seat on the trainride home from my internship

Saying goodbye to my senior friend who I just became close with this year

When I’m not sure if my internship is going to be business professional attire or business casual

I walk in the first day like

When I realize there’s only one more section left in my GRE practice test

My brain’s just like

When someone asks me what I’m going to do with all of my free time this summer

I’m just like:

When I’m about to order at a restaurant and then the waiter tells me the specials

I’m just like:

When someone makes a reference to MyRoommateIsASpy on Facebook or in real life

I’m just like